Apr 9th, 2017 • week 303

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Becky's Hope

"In a world where you can be anything...be kind."

Becky's Hope Horse Rescue - Frisco, TX

Bubbles was recently rescued from a kill lot in Mexico.
He snuck on to a trailer full of donkeys being saved from slaughter.

Hundreds of horses, donkeys, and other farm animals have been rescued since

Sue Chapman, owner of Becky's Hope, rescued her first horse named Becky.

Millions of donkeys are being slaughtered for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Dolly Parton and Sally stay side by side after finding a loving home.

Donkeys are sweet, loving, and funny animals that make great family pets.

Sundance is a Belgian horse who survived a life of abuse.

He was chained up by his back leg and developed the condition elephantiasis.

Sue and her volunteers are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation

and rehoming of abused, neglected, and abandoned horses and farm animals.

To read more about Bubble's incredible rescue story visit Beckyshope.com.

He has become famous after being featured on media outlets around the world.
Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

All Seven for Sunday photographs are shot weekly by Crystal Hoeveler

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