Nov 15th, 2015 • week 230


Questions for Humans

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.”

— Jimi Hendrix

The Dreams Wall

One of four series of interactive murals by artist Gary Hirsch;
from his 'Questions for Humans' mural project in SE Portland, Oregon.

Each mural wall has a different theme with questions related to them;

dreams, relationships, joy, and curiosity.

The project promotes community interaction both in person and online.

In addition to his mural project, Gary also hand-paints different tiny robots

on the back of small white dominos which he leaves in cities all over the world.
So far, he's left over 31,000 of these surprise gifts for strangers to find.

People use the hashtag #botjoy to share their photos and videos

with the robots... along with their ideas, dreams, and inspiration.

Gary believes public art is important,“It rewards people that slow down.

If you slow down and notice more, I think you're going to have a richer life. And public art can help promote that.”

Visit to see more of Gary's robot inspiration and read more about his

on-going projects to connect and help others, he hopes will have a domino effect.

All Seven for Sunday photographs are shot weekly by Crystal Lynn Hoeveler

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